October 28, 2021

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Some students at the University of Maine complained last week when their beer party in town was broken up by Orono police. They contended that because they were students, they should have been treated leniently by police. Should police treat students different from adults?

No! Students do not deserve any different treatment than adults. If they can’t handle their drink, they deserve the brink. — Fred Vardamis Bangor

When it comes to partying, drinking, driving, etc., they want to do it like adults. When they mess up at these things, they want to be treated like whimpering little children; given treats and told it’s all right. Wake up. The law is the law. Adults would be told to quiet the party down or they would be arrested. Where’s the difference? — Bruce Jacobs Bangor

No way! Treat them like adults. That is what they are supposed to be. Let them have to explain to an employer why they were arrested for stupidity in forcing a confrontation with the police at a drunken party. — R. B. Baldwin Bangor

No! It’s time these students grew up and accepted responsibility for their actions. They need to grow up and be adults! — Diane Roderick Bangor

No. Students should not be treated differently. But you’ve missed the point with your biased question. The point is, is that the Orono police have been abusive to the students. For example, in the first incident, the student apparently struck a police officer, but it was the student who was taken away in an ambulance. During the weekend several students were arrested for failure to disperse. They were drunk and outside (El) Cheepos waiting for sober rides home. They were doing nothing! Also this weekend, bystanders at a party were maced by the police. Was it necessary? No, I don’t think so. The Orono police should get off their power trip. — Ellen Orrell Androscoggin Hall University of Maine

Excuse my apparent ignorance, but I was under the impression that college students are adults! If they are not, then as children they should be under parental supervision, and should not be drinking beer. If they are indeed adults, they should be subject to the same laws and enforcement of those laws as other adults in our society. A college education should serve as a foundation for one’s future life, and as such should include the concept of equal treatment under the law. Nancy Neill Bangor

Are you kidding?! Being students should not even enter the picture. If they want to act like “stupid” adults they need to be treated as such. They don’t seem to have any consideration for the people around them so that can work both ways. Hats off to the Orono Police Department. — Elnora Scofield Milford

I do not believe college students need a second set of rules. They should be treated as adults. If they cannot follow rules, send them home to learn. That is where we as parents went wrong. We forgot to teach our children respect for others. So don’t blame anyone else. I feel the parents left too much for our schools to teach. The school has enough to do with the three R’s. Let’s get back to being parents. — William Johnson Bangor

Why should students be treated leniently by police. Then should be prostitutes, drug pushers, murderers and child molesters? What about the disruption parties have caused the Orono residents who pay hefty taxes? They must feel as if they live in the Bronx. If the students at UMO are dissatisfied by Orono police, I’d suggest they transfer to Harvard or Radcliffe. I’m sure they’d want mature students as these ones are grown-up students. We all have to abide by the laws. If not, we’re convicted. — Kathy Twist Dedham

Just because you are a student does not put you above the law, no more than it does because you are an adult. If a loud beer party is going on, if it be by students or adults, then they should be treated the same by police. Period. After all, 99 percent of your college or University students are 18 years old or older, and that makes them adults anyway. — Walter E. Wyman Hermon

Should students be treated differently from Orono taxpayers? Was the law written only for all others except university students? I think not. A police officer serves everyone. I think if you look at other duties they perform, you’d see students are treated with the utmost of respect. This is an insult to criminal justice. — Forrest Davis Orrington

As an alumni of the University of Maine, I remember the Friday nights when parties were everywhere. But that didn’t disturb anyone off campus. If they’re 18 or older, disturbing the peace, put a stop t it. If they’re 20 or younger and drinking, put a stop to it. There are laws and laws need to be enforced. I say to UM students — grow up. — Ellen (Campbell) Lawlor Bangor

Where was it written that the students requested leniency? I would like more facts before I answered this. I watched a telecast on television that said the students were lying when they said they were sprayed with mace and then read in the paper the next day that not only were the students correct but that a gun had been pulled on them, too. No, they shouldn’t get away with anything more than anyone else, but let’s know the facts! — Elizabeth Thibodeau Bangor

The students should not be treated more leniently than adults because they are adults! They expect to be treated as adults in other respects. Why should this be any different? Their actions are extremely immature and at times repulsive. They need to take responsibility for their actions! I think the UM students should start majoring in responsible behavior. Leniency? No way! — M. Greene Bangor

I think the students should be treated as adults and abide by the law and also consider other people’s privacy while partying within the town’s boundaries. Twenty-one is the legal drinking age, and, in my opinion, 21 is an adult. — Rebecca LePage Hudson

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