October 20, 2021

2003-04 Legislature’s joint standing committees

Senate and House leaders announced chairs and members of the 17 joint standing committees Tuesday. The first senator’s and representative’s name listed on each committee will serve as co-chair.

Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry

Sens: Bryant, Youngblood, Weston.

Reps: McKee, Lundeen, Pineau, Piotti, Smith (Nancy), Eder, Carr, Honey, Fletcher, Churchill (Eugene).

Appropriations &

Financial Affairs

Sens. Cathcart, Rotondo, Turner.

Reps. Brannigan, Mailhot, Cowger, Dudley, Faircloth, Pingree, Rosen, Mills, Millett, O’Brien (Julie).

Business & Economic


Sens. Bromley, Hall, Shorey.

Reps. Sullivan, O’Brien (Lillian), Smith (Nancy), Duprey, Pellon, Austin, Berube, Jacobsen, Rector, Rogers.

Banking & Insurance

Sens. LaFountain, Douglass, Mayo.

Reps. Canavan, Perry (Joe), Breault, Perry (Anne), Woodbury, Glynn, Young, Snowe-Mello, Vaughn.

Criminal Justice

Sens. Strimling, Hatch, Carpenter.

Reps. Bunker, Lessard, Blanchette, Gerzofsky, Grose, Greeley, Snowe-Mello, Maietta, Sykes, Churchill (John).


Sens. Douglass, Brennan, Mitchell.

Reps. Cummings, Gagne, Finch, Norton, Thomas, Fischer, Ledwin, Murphy, Andrews, Davis.

Health & Human Services

Sens. Brennan, Martin, Weston.

Reps. Kane, Dugay, Laverriere, Walcot, Earle, Craven, Shields, Curley, Campbell, Lewin.

Inland Fisheries &


Sens. Bryant, Davis, Carpenter.

Reps. Dunlap, McGlocklin, Pineau, Wheeler, Wotton, Watson, Honey, Trahan, Tobin, Richardson (Earl).


Sens. Pendleton, Cathcart, Woodcock.

Reps. Norbert, Bull, Simpson, Bennett, Mills, Makas, Loring, Carr, Sherman, Duprey, Deschenes.


Sens. Edmonds, Stanley, Blais.

Reps. Smith (Bill), Hutton, Patrick, Hatch, Watson, Jackson, Cressey, Nutting, Heidrich, Treadwell.

Legal & Veterans Affairs

Sens. Gagnon, Mayo, Lemont.

Reps. Clark, Patrick, Canavan, Landry, Jennings, Blanchette, Moore, Brown, Glynn, Hotham.

Marine Resources

Sens. Damon, Pendleton, Bennett.

Reps. Bull, Sullivan, Dugay, Ash, Percy, Moore, McNeil, Muse (Kevin), Bierman, Kaelin, Bowen.

Natural Resources

Sens. Martin, Edmonds, Sawyer.

Reps. Koffman, Twomey, Thompson, Saviello, Hutton, Gerzofsky, Daigle, Tobin, Annis, Joy.

State & Local Government

Sens: Rotondo, LaFountain, Nass.

Reps. McLaughlin, Gagne, Ketterer, Barstow, Suslovic, Sukeforth, Haskell, Crostwaite, Bowen, Stone.


Sens. Stanley, Strimling, Savage.

Reps. Lemoine, Perry (Joe), McGowan, Simpson, Suslovic, Lerman, Clough, Courtney, McCormick, Tardy.


Sens. Hatch, Damon, Savage.

Reps. Usher, Paradis, Marley, Marrache, Sampson, Browne, Collins, Jodrey, McKenney, McNeil.

Utilities & Energy

Sens. Hall, Bromley, Youngblood.

Reps. Bliss, Rines, Adams, Goodwin, Lundeen, Berry, Fletcher, Moody, Cressey, Richardson (Maitland).

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