October 28, 2021

Iraq war supported

Having read several letters critical of the war in Iraq, I wanted to write to state my support for the war and for President Bush’s decision to go to war. I am no proponent of needless war, but I believe some things are so horrific that war is a justified and necessary response.

I was surprised to learn recently, via syndicated columnist Mark Steyn, that 100,000 Iraqis living today would be dead if the U.S. coalition did not invade Iraq. He stated that four times as many people died daily in Iraq under Saddam Hussein than do today, even with the present murderous bombings. Of the 18 provinces in Iraq, 14 are peaceful and stable – not something I have heard reported in the media.

Our servicemen and women are doing a great and noble work, helping a nation distance itself from the horrors of Saddam’s evil regime, where eyes were routinely gouged out, tongues were cut off and men were forced to watch their wives and daughters raped and murdered before their eyes.

How can we justify doing nothing? I take pride that we are giving millions of people the opportunity to live freely and govern themselves justly. May God establish lasting peace and justice in Iraq and protect our loved ones who are in harm’s way.

We cannot oppose all the evil in the world, but we can oppose this evil.

Bruce Stevens

Old Town

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