May 20, 2024

Freedom lost

As I read the story “Maine bank may try for rescue funds” (BDN, Nov. 27), all I could think of is how our schools are doing with federal and state aid.

The government’s intervention is not just money, but design. It will in time direct the course of the banking business and do more than just regulate, but enter into ownership. This is where real control becomes possible.

The free market will become a thing of the past. It was the government that played a big part in the financial crunch that we are now in by directing loans to people who could not afford them and did not know how to manage their money.

We are now seeing a new age where it will not be a free market but a one-world market, directed from a world perspective, right or wrong, and not by individual freedom thinking people. Business will have to become politically correct and morals will play little part in the structure of the new business age.

This bailout will come with a high price that will not be just more taxes, but how we do business. How we live our lives and how we raise our children will be affected.

All government is corrupt; by nature it survives on power. The more we give to the government the less freedom we will have. That is the price of dependence.

R. Scott Jellison


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