May 20, 2024

‘Marriage equality’

Rev. Worth in his OpEd, ” A very conservative case for marriage equality” (BDN, Nov. 26), used words taken out of context from Catholic Bishop Malone to take personal offense.

He contends that his marriage and others’ who are childless have been denigrated, as though a childless marriage is not remarkable in any way. Interestingly, Rev. Worth uses the uniqueness of his own situation to make his point, which seems to be that marriage is not an institution based on procreation and care of family.

Using “newspeak” terminology, he invokes “marriage equality” as something our Lord would support. He uses the Gospel verse regarding judging others to imply this. In his relativistic world does sin goes undefined? It seems the American people are more than loving, decent, tolerant and forgiving. The fact that folks are slow to get with the notion of a change that strikes to the heart of the Sacraments is indicative of some faith and common sense on their part.

The church will take the hit again as it does when the line (in this case the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony) must be held.

The clergy pushing same-sex marriage spent the last decade telling us that civil rights, which formed the “Maine Won’t Discriminate” campaign, was the ultimate goal. They guffawed and denied that any marriage redefining was the ultimate goal. In a real sense their actions are a microcosm of the proverbial “slippery slope.”

Donald Mendell


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