May 28, 2024

Knee-jerk reaction

The proposed resolution “denouncing racism and threats” sponsored by Maine lawmakers is a knee-jerk reaction to an incident that was in bad taste and idiotic but not illegal, at least not yet. So why give it even more attention than it deserves?

The fact is that we, especially politicians, cannot dictate or legislate good behavior and when we try it usually comes at a price, sometimes the stifling of free speech. For eight years, there have been exactly these types of moronic stunts all over Maine, but directed at the current president. There were no whining windbag legislators shedding crocodile tears about the tacky and slightly obscene Bush dolls on store counters that do nasty things when one pushes a button or the nearly homicidal anti-Bush bumper stickers.

So what is the point? Are they next going to intimidate legitimate criticism of the new White House by telling people they better be careful or they will answer to them in the form of social ostracism, accusations of racism and full press coverage? What will this resolution really accomplish other than pumping up a bunch of legislators’ egos (as if they need it) by allowing us to watch them trip over themselves to show us what good, sanctimonious little boys and girls they are while meanwhile, Maine’s serious problems are shoved to the back burner.

Linda Shaid


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