May 20, 2024

Christianity exclusive

A recent letter challenged the “exclusivity” of Christianity as the only path to salvation. One certainly has the right to pick one’s own way, but I was surprised at the rationale expressed. It would seem that individual intuition is, in the writer’s view, the basis of the “God image” and all theologies and myths are thereby equally true. This concept of equal truth is an odd one to me. Logic would suggest that if everything is regarded as true then nothing in fact is.

As a Christian I do believe that Jesus in fact lived on this Earth and the acts and deeds he did leave no doubt as to his divinity.

He said, “No man comes to the Father except through me.” This, if true, does make Christianity exclusive. However, it is not intuitiveness or made-up imagery that makes it true or false but rather an acceptance of recorded history as factual.

Christianity constitutes a radically different claim – that God is in fact three-in-one and that he came to Earth out of love for his created people, not wanting any to perish, to show them the path to eternal life with Him. This is either true or not.

If not, Christianity is myth and silly. If true, then Jesus is in fact the only path. Accepting this certainly does not make Christians better than non-Christians, but, if true, certainly makes them eternally better off. I am truly blessed to be one.

David Anderson


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