May 20, 2024

Set a better example

Almost every day on TV one will view the suffering of little children who are victims of war, pestilence, famine and natural disasters. Then again there are agencies, which rescue children from picking in city dumps.

If a civilization cannot control birth rates compared to the overpopulation of its children that the socioeconomic conditions cannot support, it can be on the verge of collapse. Bringing unwanted children into society is cruel. Setting a bad example to little ones is the only condition that permits capital punishment in Christian Scripture.

This last concept needs to be understood in respect to our federal government issuing Treasury bonds, which our children, grandchildren and yet-to-be-born children will have to bear. We, as a great society, are committing a most serious violation of morality. Is this not setting a bad example to our little ones? Can we be on the verge of collapse?

It would appear that Congress desires to support banking system’s status quo, the carbon dioxide producing monster cars, 50-inch TV sets, and our cathedral-malls to chug along at the expense of setting a bad example to our most precious babies. Rather than financing the banks, Congress could design and build clean, renewable energy systems and employ millions of folks in the process. Oil as a commodity for survival could go the way of the dinosaurs from which it came. Creating a brand-new America would be setting good example to everyone, including our little ones.

Robert Fournier


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