It’s good that the Bangor Daily News highlights the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (“Eleanor’s Declaration,” Dec. 8) and that the BDN states that “few in the West would argue these basic claims that come with being human.” One aspect of the human rights… Read More
    Several readers have written in about whether it is possible for President-elect Barack Obama to become president before Jan. 20. While the chances of this happening are virtually nil, there are constitutional paths to such a development. One would be for Condoleeza Rice to resign… Read More
    Almost every day on TV one will view the suffering of little children who are victims of war, pestilence, famine and natural disasters. Then again there are agencies, which rescue children from picking in city dumps. If a civilization cannot control birth rates compared to… Read More
    There’s an intimidating picture on the front page of the Dec. 3 Bangor Daily News It shows an individual brandishing the Bible like some club with which to throttle those Christians (like me) who look into Scripture and see Christ’s words of love and tolerance. Read More
    It always focuses my attention when a supposed “Christian” group of “leaders” gets together to impose their interpretation of the Bible on groups that they wish to discriminate against and then insist that they are doing it for the good of the community. As I read, “Group fighting… Read More
    Thanks for your reportage on the Temple for Advanced Enlightenment. Reactions on Web posts show that Maine has yet to achieve a tolerant, diverse culture. The Rev. Kevin Loring is a brave pioneer treading in the steps of Vin de Louria, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King. Stop… Read More
    Regarding articles in the Nov. 26 BDN, it’s so discouraging; Augusta just doesn’t get it! One article talks about cutting red tide monitoring. That would be harmful to the health of many people, income of fish markets, restaurants and fisherman. Raising fees by 25 percent… Read More
    Regarding “Knee-jerk reaction: (BDN, Dec. 2): What a refreshing letter. Where are all the Linda Shaids when the voting booths are open? Need we take “common sense” out of the dictionary? Conservative, common sense folks need to stop this “liberal, politically correct” agenda. As Linda said, in my… Read More
    In response to a series of letters in the BDN regarding assault weapons, what the writers fail to see is what the real intent of the Second Amendment was. It was written for “the right of an individual to keep and bear arms.” Now what does the term… Read More
    I want to thank Jo-Ellen Jamieson for a very well-written letter, “Nutrition first” (BDN, Dec. 4) regarding our Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (also known and the food stamp program). She’s correct in stating it’s a “privilege,” not a right. Colette Pelletier googletag.cmd.push(function () { //… Read More
    Maine Public Utilities Commission leaders intend to sign over your Fourth Amendment privacy rights to a foreign company, Iberdrola, without your knowledge and consent. On Dec. 12 at the Maine PUC hearing room in Augusta from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., advanced metering infrastructure, or… Read More
    As we approach Christmas I realize many people this year have had a very tough one and I hope and pray things pick up for them and their families. My buddy had a tough time before the Christmas circa 1950. As a Marine in North… Read More
    In these tumultuous times every facet of our great nation seems to be facing financial collapse with no end in sight. The stock market, jobs, housing and banks all seem to be tipping on the edge of ruin. If you’re trying to figure out what’s going on or… Read More
    This probably will date me, but Leonard Diecidue’s advice in the letter “Try trickle-up economy,” (BDN, Dec. 4), which is right but sounds wrong, used to be more naturally catchy. I remember when the late Hubert Humphrey contrasted Richard Nixon’s version of “Trickle Down” with his own “Perk… Read More
    The article “Clergy back same-sex marriage” (BDN, Nov. 14) includes a statement that is, at best, misleading. In claiming that the United Church of Christ allows the blessing of same-sex unions, the article invites the reader to assume as fact a degree of unanimity that does not exist… Read More
    I read the article on wood pellet availability with some interest. We use a pellet stove to supplement our furnace, firing the stove up mainly on weekends. Mr. Bell may say what he will about the supply being adequate, but I have been on a waiting list since… Read More
    I believe wind power is environmentally responsible. However, if one is in favor of more commercial wind farms in Aroostook County, ask yourself what is the benefit to the County and its people? There is likely to be no benefit and certain to be many costs. Read More
    I am writing in response to “Bush should resign” by Bohdan Slabyj in the Nov. 2 BDN. Others likely wish that Bush would resign and thus allow Barack Obama to start his presidency. That is idle wishing however. When the current president can no longer… Read More
    In response to the Nov. 24 article on the deer herd being down: My wife and I have hunted and fished in Maine for more than 60 years. It’s true winter takes a toll on the deer herd. It has done so for many years. The herd has… Read More
    Under the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, in order to qualify for tax exemption with donations that are tax deductible, an organization must be organized and operated exclusively for tax exempt purposes. It may not attempt to influence legislation, and it may not participate… Read More
    The column “Good, bad news for state’s school choice tradition” (BDN, Nov. 24) about school choice in Maine had misstatements regarding the towns of Etna and Dixmont. These two towns make up SAD 38. I have been a school board member representing Dixmont for more than 20 years. Read More
    In the Dec. 2 letter “Bush Should Resign,” the writer calls on President Bush to do the decent thing and resign so that President-elect Barack Obama and his team can take over the business of running the country. I am sure there are countless others who feel this… Read More
    Another good reason to honor Dr. Sidney R. Block: My wife had been one of his patients for several years before her death due to various medical problems in early September 2002. A few weeks later I received a letter from the American College of Rheumatology stating that… Read More
    I wish to thank everyone who participated in the writing of the article “Death Boat” (BDN, Dec. 2) regarding the drowning of 12 children at Gardiner Lake on June 19, 1936, and a special thanks to Miriam Doherty for telling the story. For years, all… Read More
    The Forest Society of Maine (FSM) thanks the Bangor Daily News for sharing with its readers the wonderful story of the Mills family installing renewable solar and wind power sources at Historic Pittston Farm, “Raising the wind” (BDN, Nov. 21). Their foresight is inspiring to… Read More
    I am writing in response to Anav Silverman’s hate-filled propaganda, “Israeli civilian expectations low when cease-fire ends” (BDN, Dec. 1). She writes that the Gazans are teaching their young Palestinian children to hate the U.S. and Israel. I’m not denying that the Palestinians are probably… Read More
    I take exception to the Nov. 19 letter, “No friend of military,” about Sen. John McCain, which stated “surrendering is not something to brag about.” I’ve never heard, nor read Sen. McCain brag about it. He was captured; he did not surrender. Taken from the… Read More
    I read in the Bangor Daily News about the man who was killed by the people that were so anxious to get bargains for Christmas. What has happened to the people of the USA? Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Christ. The trouble with… Read More
    The Bangor Daily recently published an article about a local religious group that supports the responsible religious use of marijuana, “Group uses marijuana as sacrament” (BDN, Nov. 29). I was surprised by how much the article focused on the negative and controversial connotations associated with the stereotypical use… Read More
    Trickle down economics, where Congress simply pays the corporations to stay in business has bankrupted the world’s economy. Trickle up economics, where Congress stimulates the consumer and the consumer bails out the corporations with their buying power, will always improve and increase the world’s economy. Read More
    Did all of the conservatives out there get the message? Don’t be like Sarah Smiley and give an opinion, or you will be criticized. Apparently only the liberals are allowed opinions. googletag.cmd.push(function () { // Define Slot var slot_sizes = [[300,250]]; var new_slot_sizes = [];… Read More
    The BDN’s “Safe at School” editorial on Nov. 13 expounds upon relevant points and inspires the onus to be placed upon all public schools in Maine for the implementation of protective measures to guard against any scenarios with deadly consequences as a possible result. While… Read More
    The food stamp program recently changed its name to SNAP, which is an acronym for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, however nothing else was changed but the name and a rise in benefits for its recipients. Why sneak the word “nutrition” in there if there’s nothing nutritious about it?… Read More
    A recent letter challenged the “exclusivity” of Christianity as the only path to salvation. One certainly has the right to pick one’s own way, but I was surprised at the rationale expressed. It would seem that individual intuition is, in the writer’s view, the basis of the “God… Read More
    The BDN’s editorial “The Future of Marriage,” (Nov. 24) made several good points and I would like to restate: “Marriage as the union of a man and woman is a basic building block of society.” When any society decides that man can tamper with God’s… Read More
    Overleveraging by Wall Street is an acute, but not the core problem of our economic system. Two-thirds of our economy is based on consumer spending, yet corporations, under free-trade agreements, shipped our good-paying manufacturing jobs overseas. Until a critical mass of Americans once again have jobs that pay… Read More
    I would like to reply to the recent letter from Miles Gray of Belfast, “Tax assault weapons.” First, I would like to clarify what an assault weapon is. Is my semiautomatic rifle with a five-shot magazine considered an assault weapon or my favorite hunting rifle… Read More
    In China, India and Japan the school year is 260 days long. Children go to school eight hours a day, and in many places a half-day on Saturday. In Maine, our kids go to school 180 days a year for 6 1/2 hours a day,… Read More
    As a citizen of this great country and the great state of Maine, a religious voter and the mother of four young adult children who are struggling financially, I have a few points I would like to make. First, Obama’s plan to put 2.5 million… Read More
    It is with great hope that I view our future with our President-elect Barack Obama, not just for our country but very specifically for young black males. For years I taught elementary school in the inner city of Columbus, Ohio. It was with great sadness… Read More
    I am very concerned about the notion of Bush’s Secretary of Defense Robert Gates staying on at the Pentagon. Gates has vocally opposed Obama’s withdrawal plan for Iraq. Gates also has become the leading voice in the Bush administration pushing for an aggressive nuclear weapons posture. Read More
    Carrie Smith’s recent letter, “Stop methadone funds” (BDN, Nov. 28), inspired me to write. I think the methadone program is the worst program that the state of Maine funds. I wonder how many people are aware that participants are allowed to test positive for pot… Read More
    I’m not entirely convinced that the automobile industry is solely responsible for the sad condition it now finds itself in. Equally responsible are the Bush administration and the Republican lawmakers who stubbornly resisted setting higher efficiency standards over the past eight years. Without such mandates the car manufactures… Read More
    The proposed resolution “denouncing racism and threats” sponsored by Maine lawmakers is a knee-jerk reaction to an incident that was in bad taste and idiotic but not illegal, at least not yet. So why give it even more attention than it deserves? The fact is… Read More
    Regarding the recent news that people were buying up assault weapons, fearing they will be made illegal by the new administration: People don’t need AK-47s to protect their homes, and they don’t need one to go moose or deer hunting. A 30-30 up to a 30-06 is just… Read More
    It is so bloody frustrating to hear experts explaining the dire situation that our economy is in. They further stress that serious effort must be exerted now, immediately, without any delay. One cannot wait before the new administration takes over, because the deterioration progresses so rapidly that by… Read More
    I am writing in response to the article “Police taser man choking his girlfriend” (BDN, Nov. 19). As a friend and former investigator in Maine used to say when training law enforcement cadets, “You choke on a hamburger, you don’t choke on a pair of… Read More
    As I read the story “Maine bank may try for rescue funds” (BDN, Nov. 27), all I could think of is how our schools are doing with federal and state aid. The government’s intervention is not just money, but design. It will in time direct… Read More
    Thank you for the BDN’s editorial on the future of marriage. What it suggests makes sense to us – the word “marriage” may be less important than the host of legal and financial advantages that people called “married” are currently given, especially under federal laws. These include extra… Read More
    Rev. Worth in his OpEd, ” A very conservative case for marriage equality” (BDN, Nov. 26), used words taken out of context from Catholic Bishop Malone to take personal offense. He contends that his marriage and others’ who are childless have been denigrated, as though… Read More
    A brief rejoinder on the recent BDN Emmet Meara column in which he laments the death of the Camden Herald. He remarked that he was one of the few people in Maine who likes Mike Brown. And a long time ago while editor of the Camden Herald I… Read More
    Living in Down East Maine I know a few trappers, but not many. I do not trap myself, though I am an avid hunter and fisherman. Recently I have been watching and listening to the squabble regarding lynx being incidentally trapped in northern Maine. In… Read More
    On Nov. 7, I was greeted by a very dedicated group of volunteers at the airport in Bangor. These volunteers welcomed us with hugs, handshakes and warm smiles. There were men, women and children. They informed us that even though we were on our way to a very… Read More
    The news out of the presidential transition process has been generally encouraging, if not ecstasy-inducing. It will take extraordinary focus, not politics as usual, to get the country out of the economic ditch. If there is to be deficit spending to jump-start the economy, let… Read More
    Despite the changes in hunting laws in the past 20 years, it is obvious that the attitudes of some people remain in the Dark Ages. For Thelma White of Sorrento (letters, BDN, Nov. 22-23) to continue to imply that Karen Wood was somehow at fault for her death… Read More
    Lucien Potvin’s Nov. 24 letter suggested that Maine follow the lead of Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick in eliminating the Turnpike Authority. Perhaps Mr. Potvin should spend some time reading the full Bay State plan, as along with the dissolution of the Massachusetts Transportation Authority comes… Read More
    We take exception with a recent letter regarding the Winter Harbor “ecoresort.” Contrary to the writer’s opinion, many of us who are against the project are not “environmentalists who come out of the woodwork every time someone proposes a development.” We are also not “a very tiny minority… Read More
    In deference to the feelings of those folks who decided many months ago to festoon random stretches of utility poles with American flags, presumably in support of the occupation of Iraq, I held my tongue. To me they served to diminish the powerful symbolism of our nation’s flag… Read More
    I just finished reading the article about the new traffic circle in Calais. I traveled the circle while working in the area. It must have been designed by the owners of a scooter. Nearly two-thirds of the tractor-trailers I followed went on the curb. I… Read More
    The Bangor Daily News and Kevin Miller did a good job on the story, “DIF&W to revise trap rules” (Nov. 25). If the intent of this story was to tear away the blinders of apathy that shield us homosapiens from seeing how we treat our fellow creatures, the… Read More
    To say the least, I am appalled to read the article concerning the anti-Obama betting pool. My husband and I moved to Maine from a Southern state 2 1/2 years ago. To read in the newspaper where we used to live such racial ideas would… Read More
    If a drug is your problem, how can a drug be your solution? For two years I have worked with women with drug and alcohol problems in the Penobscot County Jail. I hear story after story about the methadone clinic. These women wish they had… Read More
    Thank you for the excellent nutrition lesson in the Nov. 20 “High Cost of Soda” editorial. It is gratifying that the president-elect of the American Dental Association started the discussion and we in the nutrition community are grateful that many people are interested in food… Read More
    Since the Nov. 19 article in the BDN, my office has received a number of expressions of condolence from those who only glanced at my picture and misread the headline, “Dearth of rheumatologists in Maine …” As Mark Twain might have clarified, “The report of my ‘dearth’ has… Read More
    I am surprised to see that corporate America has been allowed to grow to the point that it demonstrates the status of being “too big to fail.” They clearly enjoy tremendous power over those departments assigned to oversee their activities. Corporations are threatening and intimidating… Read More
    I was making my last run of the day to the The Jackson Lab in Bar Harbor to pick up people going to Ellsworth. It was time to depart and nobody had arrived to board the bus. I was just about to close the doors when a young… Read More
    Like Lorna Goodwin (“Thrill of the kill,” BDN letters, Nov. 20), I am not “from away,” but a lifelong resident of Maine. Reading her letter reminded me of how much I miss hearing about Jeff Strout’s kayaking, hiking and outdoor adventures. I kept hoping his… Read More
    Reading Bill Trotter’s article “Down East airport plan narrows to two sites” (BDN, Nov. 21), one would think that this proposed airport is desperately and immediately needed by a vast majority of folks living in Machias and vicinity. This said, it should be noted that Washington County has… Read More
    Marriage, between one man and one woman, has always been protected, not only by the United States, but also by countries throughout the world. The institution of marriage as we know it must be preserved. The traditional family is the basic building block of society. Read More
    I was sad to see Mike Andrick Sr.’s face looking back at me from the obituaries (BDN, Nov. 19). I first met Mike Andrick Sr. when he was a volunteer driver for the American Cancer Society’s Road to Recovery program. Volunteers like Mike stepped up… Read More
    Ever since Sarah Smiley wrote about moving to Bangor, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading her columns. She is a great addition to our local paper. Far from being part of a military family, I hold political leanings somewhere left of liberal. In 1968 I married… Read More
    Barack Obama has risen from humble beginnings to the power of the presidency. But, every one of us has the presidential power to pardon a turkey on Thanksgiving. In fact, here are some reasons to skip the turkey this Thanksgiving: You are what you eat. Read More
    The BDN’s recent article, “Dearth of rheumatologists in Maine puts state’s aging population at risk,” reveals a concern for the adequate ongoing treatment of arthritis patients in our area. The article itself, while focusing on that concern, briefly mentions a distinguished honor received by Dr. Sidney Block that… Read More
    The Legislature’s Transportation Committee Chairman, Dennis Damon of Trenton, says he doesn’t “see how we’ve undermined the work of the [Sears Island Joint Use Planning Committee], and I don’t see how we’ve made the agreement inoperable. … We did not change a single period or comma or capital… Read More
    Who has the authority to define marriage? Does not that authority belong to God, who created marriage and defined it as the union between a man and a woman? He had the authority, and still has it unless he has delegated it to some portion of his creation. Read More
    I am responding to the letter “Tilting at Windmills” (BDN, Nov. 18). I love these people who say they stood at the bottom of a windmill and couldn’t hear it. Probably you couldn’t. The noise levels that are of most concern to those of us who have made… Read More
    The story, “Mail processors picket over changes” (BDN, Nov. 15), portrayed the people holding the informational picket in front of the Bangor office of the U.S. Postal Service as disgruntled employees. The picket was not about jobs or pay, it was merely a way to bring to the… Read More
    In reference to the BDN article (“Lynx death may affect trapping case,” Nov. 20), it is important to point out that injuries to unintended animals can be insidious. Although Judge Woodcock commented that only one of the released lynx appeared “gimpy,” internal injuries can persist and create a… Read More
    The Bible also identifies cheeseburgers and mixed fabric clothing as “sins,” but I am guessing that Mr. Marshall (“Liberal clergy wrong,” BDN, Nov. 11) would not advocate closing McDonalds and the Wal-Mart clothing department for their promotion of “sinful” behavior. He has used his God-given… Read More
    What a precarious, paradoxical economy. One of our primary sources of tax money delicately and precariously balances between the forefinger and second finger of a smoker’s hand. Financially, we’re fairly healthy, as long as the forefinger keeps tapping the butt in between. Meanwhile, puffers choke… Read More
    The auto industry, along with the rest of us, is in deep trouble. At a time some 60 years ago, when we also were in deep trouble during World War II, General Motors turned some of its capacity and work force partly away from automobiles and into the… Read More
    I am writing regarding the article on the proposed development in the Winter Harbor area (BDN, Nov. 3). It is disgusting that so-called environmentalists come out of the woodwork every time someone proposes a development. As for the complaints of a very tiny minority, the… Read More
    I want to follow up on the opinion piece by the Rev. Jill Saxby (executive director of the Maine Council of Churches) in the Nov. 15-16 Bangor Daily News (“Maine has the chance to lead the way with Clean Elections.”) To be a model for… Read More
    Now that the elections are over maybe people of Maine and those who visit our beautiful state will pay more attention to what the Maine Turnpike Authority is proposing. The MTA has stated it will increase tolls on the turnpike 23 percent in February 2009,… Read More
    When Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins return to Washington, D.C., after the November election for a “lame duck” session, they will have a final opportunity to complete work and pass the Arthritis Prevention, Control and Cure Act (H.R. 1283). This bill was passed unanimously by the House… Read More
    It appears to me the recent controversy over the “right” of gay couples to marry has taken on a life of its own with gay marriage proponents accusing opponents of narrow-mindedness, hatefulness, intolerance and bigotry. Proponents highlight the right of any committed couple to enjoy those rights society… Read More
    When will Dr. Jonathan Shenkin run out of chutzpah? He has ridden his high horse to victory on one fringe issue and seems to be mounting up again. I begin to wonder if he doesn’t stable his horse at 491 Main St. What’s next? Should… Read More
    Whatever possessed the Bangor Daily News to commemorate the unspeakably tragic hunting fatality of 1988? How could the BDN be so insensitive as to rake up the Wood family’s tragedy in such graphic and awful detail, and to further punish Donald Rogerson, a good family… Read More
    Dentist Jonathan Shenkin wants Maine to ban buying soda with food stamps because he feels that the sugar is bad for our health. I agree that drinking soda is bad for us. The problem with banning it from being purchased with food stamps is that… Read More
    In regard to your front-page story, “Clergy back same-sex marriage,” I don’t understand how clergy, who are supposed to be living by the word of God, can say that people are denied the most basic right to marry and form a family with the person of choice. Read More
    I’m sure the story “Legacy of a Tragedy – The shooting of Karen Wood,” (BDN, Nov. 15-16) brought back memories for many Mainers. I was a young mother of three when the shooting occurred. At the time I was appalled at those who would think… Read More
    In a recent letter, JoDee Creighton has chosen to intuit (her word) to determine what she considers truth. Webster defines intuit as, “the act or faculty of knowing without the use of rational process.” Her letter then proceeds to show the conclusions she has drawn without the use… Read More
    My heart goes out to those involved with the Karen Wood tragedy. The Wood and Rogerson families have undoubtedly experienced much turmoil from the events that took place 20 years ago. I was deeply touched by this story, but I was particularly struck when Kevin Wood mentioned that… Read More
    The Catholic Diocese of Portland reportedly opposes same sex marriages because they cannot produce children and asserts that procreation is “a piece of the puzzle.” Does this mean that a widow with tied tubes and the naturally barren-sterile should be banned from marrying? Do they… Read More
    I am writing to discuss the tendency in our culture to lump all religious denominations into one big Christian melting pot when discussing differences on social issues (“Clergy back same-sex marriage,” BDN, Nov. 14). When Unitarian-Universalist ministers speak out on an issue, they certainly have the right to… Read More
    Even the suggestion of closing the salmon hatchery at Grand Lake Stream shows the Baldacci administration’s continuing refusal to listen to the advice of the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. Instead, the governor seems to listen to the Augusta bean counters. Baldacci’s blatant disregard… Read More
    Bishop Malone (“In Maine, bishop pans gay marriage,” BDN, Nov. 17) is within his rights to tell us what God wants regarding who should be allowed to marry. But I think he must have misunderstood. If it is true that God ordained in marriage “an essential component, namely… Read More
    The recent drowning tragedy in Dover-Foxcroft has touched many people. As a Foxcroft Academy grad, I had James Brown as my junior-year English teacher. He was one of those teachers who would greet you by name when he saw you in the halls, even if… Read More
    On Christmas Day, the same day one boy was killed by an escaped tiger in California and two others were mauled, another tiger was found shot to death alongside an apartment complex in Dallas. Tigers do not belong in backyard cages. Please support the creation of a state… Read More
    America faces unprecedented economic, environmental and national security challenges. We urgently need new jobs, stable energy prices and freedom from dirty fossil fuels and global warming pollution. These challenges call for a big solution. Our state and local leaders need to know we support repowering… Read More