January 18, 2022

Hurting the Job Corps

This is in regard to the story by Doug Kesseli about the Penobscot Job Corps (BDN, Nov. 28). There are a few areas of inaccuracy that I would like to clear up.

At no time were the knives or any other weapons seen, found or used.

The Bangor Police Department was inside the dorm, on the level when the alarm was pulled and no crowd of students was outside upon their arrival.

The Bangor police were not responsible for calming students or getting them back to their floors. This eventually was done by staff and students alike after the Bangor police departed.

These types of “errors” are what cause the community to react negatively to our program.

Every town and city has individuals who act against the norm. They also have individuals who come from different backgrounds or have been raised with different ideas of survival. On a global scale this doesn’t seem difficult but when that globe is confined to one dormitory then living, coping and surviving become difficult.

It is not easy to be transferred hundreds of miles from home and family and try to adapt to a new and unfamiliar way of life. Rules are strict, living quarters small and crowded, and someone else’s expectations of you are great. At times people feel the urge to rebel. This is human nature. Sometimes the way the rebellion is handled may not be effective, but this does not make Job Corps a “volatile” place. Nor does it make it a place of disgust or disappointment. It only makes it more able to understand the needs of others and it is a cry for help.

That is what Job Corps is there for, to help. Our job becomes virtually impossible if it must be done strictly behind the walls of our center. We need community support as well and by printing exaggerated or inaccurate reports you are burning our bridges of hope. Please be more thorough next time. Mistakes can hurt. Lisa C. Masure Unit residential adviser Penobscot Job Corps, Bangor

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