January 28, 2021

It appears that Thomas L. Friedman, in his Oped column, “Terrified by House Republicans” (BDN, April 5), would be more comfortable living in different times. Specifically, 1984, George Orwell’s 1984, that is.

The objections raised by the Comprehensive Anti-Terrorism Act, H.R. 2703, come from many concerned citizen groups, none of which were terrorist organizations. The legislation as written would have had far-reaching implications, indeed to the point of making a mockery out of our Bill of Rights.

Yes, the American Civil Liberties Union had objections over privacy issues. The National Rifle Association had objections with giving one person, the attorney general, the power to ban the manufacture and sale of any bullets that can pierce bulletproof vests. This, of course, could include bullets for the .30-30 Winchester, .270 Winchester or any number of hunters’ favorite calibers. It should not go without saying that this provision was introduced by Friedman’s much-quoted Rep. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., who has more than once introduced legislation to “repeal the Second Amendment.” Additionally, the placing of taggants in black or smokeless powder was objected to, due to the potential safety hazards involved.

We can thank the House of Representatives for knowing what year it is. It’s not 1984, Tom. Mike Briggs Howland

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