July 25, 2021

I would like to point out one commonly overlooked element about the debate over the homosexual rights bill which we is about to be voted on at referendum.

Those so-called laws we are debating over which would supposedly give homosexuals protection from discrimination, in actuality, give them not equal rights but extra rights. For example, in the new laws, a homosexual cannot be fired from a job because of his sexual preference. This means homosexuals will, in essence, be protected from being fired for any purpose, because employers will fear sex discrimination lawsuits.

This also applies to hirings. Because the laws prevent employers from not hiring someone based on sexual orientation, they will hire homosexuals before anyone else, for if they don’t for any reason, the unhired homosexual will claim it was based on discrimination rather than on his or her qualifications. This will allow potentially less or underqualified people to get jobs.

It is because of these factors, among various others, that I am opposed to so-called protectionary laws that attempt to prevent discrimination. You can’t just force people to be undiscriminatory by passing laws. That actually increases animosity between those who the laws help and those the laws hurt. If we took away laws which give preferential treatment to certain groups, people would be more inclined to tolerate each other. Martin Ingham Robbinston

I urge all concerned citizens to make a special effort to vote on Feb. 10 to ensure the continuation of Maine’s gay-rights law. Those of us fortunate to have known and appreciated gay persons — as friends, beloved family members and wonderful contributors to our society at large — wholeheartedly support this much-needed legislation. Connie Rendall Blue Hill Falls

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