October 28, 2021

Uncle Sam vs. people

In response to Russell Heath’s letter (BDN, Aug. 17); for the government to claim credit of the current economy is like giving the barnyard rooster credit for the sunrise. The American people getting up every day and working hard to support their families are the ones who deserve the credit. If the government would get out of the way it could be even better.

The idea that taxing married couples the same as a couple that lives together is selfish, that changing the tax law so children don’t have to sell the family farm when their parents die is selfish, that lowering the capital gains tax rate (most countries don’t even have this tax because they know it hinders economic growth) is selfish, is nothing more than political spin.

When the federal government is taking more in taxes than it ever has in peacetime (24.7 percent of every dollar that wage-earners or business earns) this is a very small tax cut. Doug Thomas Ripley

Russell Heath writes that we are selfish if we want to use our money as we see fit, rather than giving it to Uncle Sam to spend. He says “we insist on spending that money on ourselves instead of investing it in the future of our children,” but neglects the fact that most of us want that money to spend toward our children’s futures as ITAL we UNIT think it should be spent.

I know better than a bureaucratic entity (Uncle Sam) what is best for my children and their future. I would like to have the money back so I can give my children what they need, not what politicians think they need. If the national government stopped usurping state and local authority and responsibility, it wouldn’t need so much of our money, and the resulting surplus would pay off the national debt. William MacDonald Carmel

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