January 18, 2022

Hampden girls, boys roll to wins in league opener

ORONO – Tuesday was Sing the Blues Day for Danielle McCabe.

The talented Hampden Academy sprinter just couldn’t get comfortable in the blocks, had disappointing starts, and finished no better than second in all three of her events at Tuesday’s Eastern Maine Indoor Track League meet.

Although her day was frustrating on a personal level, it was a good one for her team as Hampden enjoyed a sweep in the EMITL’s season-opening meet at the University of Maine field house.

The Broncos made an early statement with 59-point margin of victory in the girls meet and posted a 47-point winning margin in the boys meet. Hampden’s girls outscored Hermon 156-97 and the boys put up 137 points to Old Town’s 90.

“They’re both gonna be right in it,” said Hampden coach Dave King. “The girls team overall is stronger than our boys team, but they’re both very good.”

King said although it’s always nice to win a meet, the focus is a little different this early in the regular season.

“Winning any meet is important to the kids, and because it is, it’s important to me,” King explained. “But in a meet like this, what we’re working at is finding what people can do the best job in what events.”

McCabe, a senior who is gunning for the Hampden girls’ first state title since she entered high school, contributed 20 meet points to the victory. She said it seems like she’s in for another typical slow start to the season.

“It’s human nature to want to win, but this was a tough day for me,” said the team’s captain, who placed in the 200 and 400 in all three postseason meets last year. “Typically, I kind of start out like this and get frustrated, but then I pick it up.”

McCabe was runner-up twice to Hermon’s Rhonda Day, who has formed a good-natured rivalry and a friendship with McCabe.

“Since my freshman year, we’ve been looking forward to beating each other every time,” said Day, who won both the 200- and 400-meter runs Tuesday. “Jen Puiia [of Brewer] holds the league record in the 200 and 400 and I think both me and McCabe are looking to get it.

“Usually Danielle beats me. I’ve never beaten her in the 400 before,” Day added. “I beat her in the 200 at PVC’s last spring, but never the 400.”

McCabe didn’t let the setbacks affect her sense of humor.

“I was like well, `Yeah, I saw you waving at me after you finished and I was still finishing up the race,’ ” said McCabe, who noticed a lack of excitement and noise at Tuesday’s six-team meet.

“This doesn’t really seem like an atmosphere of competition because this place is mostly empty,” she said. “It feels more like a speed workout to me. I don’t know, I just wasn’t in the right mind for it today.”

Day was. The Hermon junior ran a time of 1:02.08 in the 400 and 28.06 seconds in the 200. Her time of 7.84 in the 60-yard dash was good enough for second place.

Listening to Day describe herself, those times are shocking.

“I’m a total klutz. An uncoordinated klutz at that,” said Day. “I don’t even do the relay because I might fumble the baton or something.”

Thanks to the efforts of Day and young athletes like Chantelle Haggerty, the Hermon girls appear to be on the verge of asserting themselves on the EMITL scene in their eighth season as a varsity team.

“There are 17 teams in the league and the girls have set their goal to finish in the top five,” said Hermon coach Sean Wasson.

Haggerty won both the pole vault and the 800-meter run with school-record marks of 7 feet, 9 1/2 inches and 2:34.45, respectively. The Hawks’ sophomore smashed her 800 team record (2:39), which she set last year.

“I just started running last year after I decided to try something new,” said Haggerty. “When I first did pole vault, I thought I’d rip my arms off because I thought I’d bend the pole, but it came really easy.”

Other girls multiple winners Tuesday were Hampden sophomore Janie Bosse, who won the 60 hurdles (9.8) and triple jump (31-10 3/4), and Nokomis of Newport’s Katie Page, who won the shot put (33-4 1/2) and 60 dash (7.77).

The lone male multiple winner was Hermon’s Jeff Hutchinson, who won the triple jump (39-1 1/4) and long jump (18-3 1/2).

Track and Field

High school AT UMAINE fieldhouse, Orono

Hampden Acad. girls 156, Hermon 97, Old Town 54, Mount Desert Island 27, Nokomis 26, Penquis 2

60-yard hurdles: Jani Bosse (HA) 9.80, Rawcliffe (HA) 10.06, Bull (Her) 10.14, Cyr (Her) 10.98, Hodgdon (Her) 11.66; 200: Rhonda Day (Her) 28.06, McCabe (HA) 28.52, Page (Nok) 28.90, Leyro (HA) 29.38, Lvin (OT) 30.35, Pope-Welch (MDI) 30.93; 60-yard dash: Katie Page (Nok) 7.77, Day (Her) 7.84, Jackson (HA) 7.89, McCabe (HA) 8.00, Bull (Her) 8.20, Dumont (OT) 8.48; 400: Rhonda Day (Her) 1:02.08, McCabe (HA) 1:04.45, Rawcliffe (HA) 1:04.65, Lvin (OT) 1:08.65, O’Donnell (HA) 1:09.75, Estes (HA) 1:10.93; long jump: Jessie Dumont (OT) 14-0, Bosse (HA) 13-8 1/2, Leyro (HA) 13-7, Knopf (OT) 11-11 1/2, Laughlin (Her) 11-11, Munos (OT) 11-10; shot put: Katie Page (Nok) 33-4 1/2, Torsene (OT) 30-5, Raymond (HA) 30-5, Parsons (HA) 28-8 1/2, McMullen (MDI) 26- 1/2, Burrill (HA) 24-5; 800: Chantelle Haggerty (Her) 2:34.45, Bennett (HA) 2:41.81, Tibbitts (OT) 3:01.52, O’Donnell (HA) 3:13.41; mile: Jessica Bennett (HA) 6:01.17, Tibbits (OT) 6:48.78, Schreiber (Her) 7:24.51, Noyes (Her) 7:29.82; pole vault: Chantelle Haggerty (Her) 7-9 1/2, Conti (MDI) 7-0, Beal (HA) 6-6, Manos (OT) 6-0, Bladen (Her) 6-0, Vashon (Her) 6-0; triple jump: Jani Bosse (HA), Jackson (HA) 31-2, Lucey (Her) 28-2 3/4, Walls (MDI) 26-5 1/2, Laverty (Pen) 26-4 1/2, Schick (MDI) 25-6 1/4; high jump: Katie Ingram (HA) 4-8, Beal (HA) 4-6, Gutherie (Her) 4-2, Schick (MDI) 4-0, Paul (OT) 3-10, Swanson (MDI) 3-8; 880 relay: Hampden (Katie Jackson-Chrissy Beal-Mackenzie Rawcliffe-Teresa Leyro) 1:55.10, Hermon 2:01.03, MDI 2:06.94

Hampden boys 137, Old Town 90, MDI 69, Hermon 51, Penquis 17, Nokomis 10

60-yard hurdles: Pat Brann (HA) 8.65, Danforth (Her) 8.77, Wood (HA) 9.30, Fernald (MDI) 11.24; 200: Ryan Kaufman (HA) 24.91, Kalel (OT) 25.46, Chang (MDI) 25.52, Spratt (MDI) 25.87, Danforth (Her) 26.08, Ellsworth (Pen) 26.32; 60-yard dash: Da Chang (MDI) 7.14, Kaufman (HA) 7.22, Thibault (OT) 7.27, M. Brann (HA) 7.27, Danforth (Her) 7.31, Kalel (OT) 7.39; 400: George Ellsworth (P) 58.43, Thibault (OT) 58.92, Jordan (MDI) 59.13, Libby (HA) 1:02.86, Fernald (MDI) 1:04.37, Richardson (OT) 1:05.11; long jump: Jeff Hutchinson (Her) 18-3 1/2, Bosse (HA) 18-1 1/4, Adams (HA) 17-1 3/4, Work (OT) 17-1 3/4, Cambridge (OT) 16-7 1/2, Fournier (OT) 16-4; shot put: Nate Dutile (Nok) 45-10 1/2, S. Holmes (OT) 43-2 1/2, C. Holmes (OT) 41-3 1/2, Graham (MDI) 39-8 1/2, Shaw (HA) 39-4, Tribou (HA) 38-1; 800: Jeff Thibodeau (OT) 2:21.36, Hassell (HA) 2:21.51, Green (HA) 2:25.66, Marnik (MDI) 2:27.0, Husted (OT) 2:28.72, Frye (Her) 2:31.80; mile: Isaac Marnik (MDI) 5:17.52, Nelson (HA) 5:17.93, Green (HA) 5:18.23, Ellsworth (Pen) 5:23.09, Thibodeau (OT) 5:29.02, Frye (Her) 5:31.41; pole vault: Robin Fernald (MDI) 12-0, Bosse (HA) 12-0, M. Brann (HA) 12-0, P. Brann (HA) 11-6, Adams (HA) 9-6, Hewlett (MDI) 9-6; triple jump: Jeff Hutchinson (Her) 39-1 1/4, Fournier (OT) 36-3 3/4, Fernald (MDI) 35- 1/2, Rawcliffe (HA) 34-6, Kushierz (P) 34-4 1/2, Work (OT) 34-1 3/4; high jump: Kurt Calligan (Her) 5-8, Cambridge (OT) 5-6, Hewlett (MDI) 5-4, Coulombe (OT) 4-8; two-mile run: Jon Nelson (HA) 11:53.24, Frye (Her) 12:39.04, McLaughlin (HA) 13:09.66; 880 relay: Hampden (Pat Brann-Ben Adams-Ryan Kaufman-Matt Brann) 1:40.35, Old Town 1:45.04

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