November 30, 2021

Teach your children

Lura Jarvie’s (BDN, Dec. 23) is right to be concerned about our youth. However, being forced to recite ritualistic words of worship while seeing examples of lying, cheating and greed is not the answer.

Our children learn from what we do. We need to teach our children to respect themselves and others. They need to take responsibility for their actions. The next time a teacher tells a parent his or her child has been out of line at school, that parent should learn what the problem is and take effective steps to correct it, not pretend it is the teacher’s fault. Teach children that all goals are reachable, but that they are the ones who have to work hard and make the sacrifices.

When we do everything for our children we rob them of their sense of pride in their work, and a pleasure in accomplishment. We also need to teach them how to deal with disappointment. When our children feel safe with themselves, then they will not feel the need to harm others to feel strong.

If you believe in God, the place to teach those beliefs is in the home. Children learn by example. How confusing it must be to hear a sermon about loving mankind and to then go home and hear from their parents that that only means certain people. If the skin is another color, the eyes are a different shape, they speak a different language, or bow at a different time in the prayer, or in any other way are different than you, they are to be hated.

If you wish to really show some God-like charity, take the gold candle sticks off the altars and feed the poor. Don’t let anyone sleep out in the cold. Help care for all living creatures. Teach your children community service by letting them see you perform it, and then having them share in it. Sandie Knappmann Sebec

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