Editors Note: This week Gov. Angus King starts his last year in office. Last week, reporter Mal Leary interviewed King at length on his goals over the last seven years and what the governor sees as his unfinished agenda. In this second of two parts, King describes the… Read More
Maine’s grass-roots consumer organization COMBAT has made and kept the same New Year’s resolution for 29 years: to promote doing business with Maine merchants, to resolve disputes fairly and objectively, to protect Maine merchants and consumers from interstate fraud and abuse, and to be a reasonable and effective… Read More
I recently moved to Bangor from Baltimore to be with my son and grandchildren. I fell in love with this town and its people from the very first day. It is refreshing to read a newspaper that has good objective reporting, informative current events and is more people… Read More
In a commentary by Mario F. Teisl and Kelly O’Brien, published Dec. 20 in the Bangor Daily News, the American Forest and Paper Association (AFPA) was inaccurately referred to as an environmental group when it should have been identified as a group representing industry. Read More
The happy people at the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank in Washington, D.C., last year issued a book of lists that shows just how good you have it. There’s no better time, at the end of the difficult, at times tragic year of 2001, for just such… Read More