January 18, 2022

Bring on the casino

I read the article titled, “Casino opponents filling war chests” (BDN, April 12-13). If it brings in money, the state will tax it and spend it faster than it will come in. Maybe if they get enough money they will stop raising taxes and driving our jobs out of the state.

I was one of the Nautica people who lost their jobs when the company moved to Virginia. They went there for lower taxes, fewer workers’ compensation payments and lower wages, plus the cost of bringing the product up to New England. So if this casino will bring money in that will give us jobs, lower taxes and will be a clean business, I say bring it on. What else have we got to look forward to?

People are going to gamble no matter what. The state started gambling with the lottery. Are they afraid people will go to the casino instead of buying lottery tickets? The casino and the people who work there will pay taxes to the state. It will cost $650 million just to build it. Think of how many people will be hired to work on it and pay state taxes on what they make and what they buy in the state.

If they pay taxes, let them in. Maybe mine will go down.

Phillip J. Dill Sr.


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