May 07, 2021


Cheers to that

Sisters-in-law Gila Guermian and Jennifer Khavari – the former a resident of New York City, the latter a proud Bangorean – have teamed up to sell their new product (photo). Clinqs, as creator Guermian dubbed them, are little vinyl stickers you can affix to your cocktail glass (or coffee cup or water bottle or can of PBR). They come in all sorts of styles; from Hawaiian-themed flowers and palm trees, to a funky alphabet, to random items such as a microscope, a praying mantis and an Eiffel Tower. They’re great for parties, and they’re reusable, so you can personalize your beverage over and over again. Khavari has taken the initiative and put Clinqs up for sale in local businesses such as State Street Wine Cellar, Bangor Wine and Cheese Co., Giacomo’s Groceria and Metropolitan Soul. They’re also available at

It’s in the can

With food prices steadily rising, it might behoove you to think about planting your own garden, or buying from local farms. Either option leaves you with a bounty of fresh produce, much of which you probably won’t be able to get to before it goes by. The University of Maine Cooperative Extension this summer offers extra information for Mainers interested in trying their hand at an old-school method of food preparation: home canning. It’s important to ensure safety during the canning process, as any contamination could result in some serious food-borne illnesses. Additionally, the Cooperative Extension has on hand the services of sustainable agriculture specialist Ellen Mallory, who will educate farmers and growers on the latest in efficient, sustainable ways of growing food during a Sustainable Agriculture Field Day at the Rogers Forage and Crops Research Farm on Bennoch Road in Stillwater on Thursday, July 10. For more on all Cooperative Extension programs, call 800-287-0274.

Here’s the skinny

Few things taste better on a muggy summer night than a big, cold margarita. What doesn’t taste so great are the huge amounts of sugar that the typical margarita packs into its invitingly frosty package: around 300 calories in each 8-ounce serving. Have more than one and you might as well stop into a doughnut shop instead. Fortunately, you have options if you want to enjoy a delicious beverage and not worry too much about what it’s doing to your waistline. Baja Bob’s ( offers a line of sugar-free, low-carb margarita, mojito, daiquiri and other mixes. Baja Bob products aren’t available in Maine yet, but you can order them from the Web site. There are also more natural-based options for lightening up your drink; agave nectar is now readily available in most large grocery stores and natural foods stores, and it makes a great, low-glycemic impact and lower-carb substitute for refined sugar. And since it’s made from the agave cactus, which is found in Mexico, it gives your margarita an extra authentic edge. To make an agave nectar margarita, mix 2 ounces of your favorite tequila and 1 ounce of triple sec or cointreau with the juice of two limes, the juice of half a lemon, a tablespoon of agave nectar and a handful of ice cubes. Throw them into a blender and blend until sufficiently delicious. All told, your low-sugar, low-carb margarita has about 200 calories.

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