The newspaper advertising wrapper in the [Saturday, December 6, 2008] paper erroneously identifies reporter Eric Russell as the Bangor Daily News city editor. The co-city editors are Jeff Strout and Tim Allen. Read More
    A story about a religious group using marijuana as a sacrament on Page B1 of the Nov. 29-30 paper requires clarification. No drugs were used at the Union Street Brick Church in Bangor, where the group had held some public meetings about American Indian worship practices. No illegal… Read More
    In an article about Calais LNG published on the Business Page Wednesday, Dec. 3, it was reported that Downeast LNG “had” planned a Robbinston facility. This needs a clarification. The company continues to plan its proposed facility and is waiting for the U.S. Coast Guard to complete a… Read More
    A story about a vehicle crash in Hampden on Page B2 in the final edition of Tuesday’s newspaper should have said that the accident occurred at 11:35 a.m. Sunday and that the driver, Nicole Libby, was treated for minor injuries at the scene. Read More
    The caption under a photograph on Page B1 of Monday’s paper misspelled the last name of the father and son pictured. They are Lance Boody and his son Bryce Boody of Rockland. In an item in Monday’s Names column about a television station promoting its… Read More
    A story on Page One of Saturday’s paper about Bangor’s urban renewal program misidentified Bangor’s water source. It is Floods Pond in Otis. Read More
    A story in some editions of Thursday’s paper needs clarification. The Pet Motel in Corinna will not take stray animals from Piscataquis County, according to owner Peter Robichaud. He said the Pet Motel is a boarding kennel, not an animal shelter. There was an error… Read More
    The single-season record-holder for service aces on the Mount Desert Island volleyball team was listed incorrectly in a story about the Maine All-State Volleyball Team that appeared in Wednesday’s paper. It was senior Whitney Walls, who set the mark this season with 100 aces and ranked among the… Read More
    A story in the State section of Saturday’s edition about a man sentenced to federal prison for selling guns illegally from a Calais hardware store requires correction. Bruce Thibeault, 34, of Calais worked as a clerk at Johnson’s True Value Hardware. He is not the owner. Read More
    A story on Page B3 in some editions of Wednesday’s paper about Jonesport-Beals’ vote on a school reorganization plan gave wrong information on the final vote tally; results from Beals Island were omitted. Voters in Jonesport and Beals defeated the plan by 475-28. A story… Read More
    A story on Page A5 of Tuesday’s paper about efforts to revive Camden’s downtown contained incorrect information. Camden’s original Comprehensive Plan did not have a chapter on the downtown. The Camden Downtown Business Group crafted a chapter on the downtown that was included in the current Comprehensive Plan. Read More
    A story on Page A1 of Monday’s paper about a boat accident at First Buttermilk Pond in Piscataquis County contained an error. Robert Pomeroy was the driver of the boat, not David Perkins. A story on Page A1 of Tuesday’s paper had the correct information. Read More
    A headline on Page A1 of Wednesday’s paper about a loan aid program for homeowners contained an error. The term for those who will be helped by the program is mortgagors. A notice in Tuesday’s paper of a hunters breakfast in Charleston gave the wrong… Read More
    A story on Page B2 of Monday’s paper about the arrests of several people in Washington County contained incorrect information on one of the arrested men. Donald G. Vane of East Machias is 19 years old. The caption on the photo of Mars’ surface in… Read More
    A story on Page A1 in Thursday’s paper omitted one school administrative district that had voted to reject a proposed school district reorganization plan. SAD 25, which includes the towns of Stacyville, Sherman, Patten and Mount Chase, also voted to reject the proposed plan. A… Read More
    Because of a processing error at the Bangor Daily News, the number of votes for Senate District 34 were incorrect as they appeared in Thursday’s paper. The correct numbers are: Roger L. Sherman – 9,123, Jacqueline A. Lundeen – 8,605. Stories written on Pages B2… Read More
    In some editions of Tuesday’s paper, the beverage tax election story on Page B1 mistakenly reported that the “No On One proponents in Portland celebrated their victory.” The sentence should have read that the Yes On One proponents were the celebrators. Read More
    A story that appeared on Page B1 of the Oct. 30 paper contained an error because of incorrect information provided to the BDN. The granite used to build the Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King Plaza at the University of Maine was not Deer Isle granite… Read More
    A story that ran on Page B1 of Monday’s paper about the opening of deer hunting season in Maine on Saturday contained an error. A Waterville man who suffered a wound to his left hand when a gun accidentally discharged was exiting a canoe in the Sebasticook River… Read More
    A short story in Friday’s editions on the University of Maine’s international culture festival which will feature exhibits, performances and food had the wrong date for the event. It will be held from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Nov. 8 in the field house. In… Read More
    An item in Thursday’s Calendar on Page C6 about Fright Night at Fort Knox in Prospect listed the event for Oct. 31 and Nov. 1. It is scheduled for Oct. 31 only. An item in Thursday’s Calendar on Page C6 listed an incorrect time. The… Read More
    A story on Page B2 of Tuesday’s paper about candidates for the Dexter town council listed an incorrect age for Ella Munday. She is 59. A sports headline in Wednesday’s paper should have said that Bill Reynolds was in line for the job as boys… Read More
    In an article on Page B1 of Tuesday’s paper, a statement by Donald Smith of Quoddy Bay LNG was paraphrased incorrectly. Smith said an economic analysis predicted that demand for natural gas will outstrip supply in New England by 2013 or 2014. Read More
    A story that ran on Page B4 in Thursday’s paper about a Bar Harbor man’s appearance Wednesday in 3rd District Court in Bangor contained incorrect information. Details about the arrest of Christopher Loseby, 26, were not available in court documents. Loseby was brought to the Penobscot County Jail… Read More
    An Associated Press story on Page A7 of Thursday’s paper and a reader-service element on Page A1 both contained incorrect numbers for the final Dow Industrial average on Wednesday. The Dow finished down 514 points at the close of trading. Read More
    A story on Page A5 of Monday’s paper needs clarification. Plumber Wendy Harmon was divorced in 2004 and was a single mother of two when she decided to become a plumber. She has since remarried. A story on Page A1 of Tuesday’s paper about the… Read More
    A story on Page B1 of Saturday’s paper about FERC’s dismissal of Quoddy LNG’s application to build a liquefied natural gas terminal in Washington County inaccurately referred to an “existing LNG pipeline in Baileyville.” The facility in Baileyville handles natural gas, not LNG. A caption… Read More
    The headline on Friday’s story on Page A1 about the residential facilities of Connecticut-based Eagle Landing Residential Care LLC being placed in receivership was incorrect. Only one of the seven facilities is a nursing home; the others are residences with assisted-living services. A story on… Read More
    Because of an editing error, a story on Page B1 of Thursday’s paper incorrectly stated that the Maine chapter of the League of Conservation Voters has endorsed Tom Allen in the U.S. Senate race. Individual board members with the Maine League of Conservation Voters have endorsed Allen, but… Read More
    The Web site for Ann Veronica bags was listed incorrectly in Saturday’s ShopGirl column. The correct address is Read More
    The Web site for Ann Veronica Bags was listed incorrectly in Saturday’s ShopGirl column in the Lifestyle section. The correct address is www.anne Read More
    I got an e-mail yesterday afternoon from a friend of mine who worked on my 2004 campaign for U.S. vice president. He was pretty disheartened with the way things have been going the last four years and asked if I could explain the stock market crisis and what’s… Read More
    A short item in Friday’s Final edition contained an error. Sunbury Medical Associates will open a new family practice office on Oct. 15 at 2370 Route 2 in Hermon. Read More
    An item on the Shoestring Thrift Shop’s move in Brewer in Tuesday’s paper incorrectly identified its affiliation. It is an outreach program of the North Brewer-Eddington United Methodist Church. Thursday’s Page B1 story about a limited bow hunt for deer on Marsh Island requires clarification. Read More
    A story about an accident in Ellsworth that appeared in some editions of Wednesday’s paper contained an error. The contracting firm that is reconstructing part of Beckwith Hill is Wardwell Contracting, a division of Lane Construction, not Wardwell Construction. Read More
    In an article about Question 1 published on the State section front Tuesday, the $17 million new excise tax estimate on beer, wine and soda was attributed erroneously to the Maine State Chamber of Commerce. That estimate is from the Maine Legislature’s Insurance and Financial Services Committee. Read More
    A review of the Bangor Symphony Orchestra’s weekend performance that ran in the Lifestyle section of Tuesday’s paper contained an error. The oboist in the concert was Laura Green Estey. Read More
    An article on Page B2 in Wednesday’s paper about the bankrupt Downeast Heritage Museum in Calais contained an error. The St. Croix Valley Chamber of Commerce does pay rent to use the building. Read More
    The subjects of two photographs on Page A8 of Saturday’s paper were misidentified. Cory Gagnon of New Canada is pictured on the left and Rich Reeves of Pennington, N.J., is on the right. Read More
    A story that ran on Page B8 in Tuesday’s paper about a priest assigned beginning Oct. 1 to Catholic churches in Piscataquis County and Pittsfield requires clarification. The Rev. Mark Nolette began a three-month sabbatical for spiritual renewal on July 1, according to Sue Bernard, spokeswoman for the… Read More
    A story that ran on Page B3 [B2] in some [all] editions of the Tuesday paper needs clarification. While the town of Hermon is working with a contractor for a potential community recreation building, a contractor has not yet been selected. Read More
    A story published Saturday in the State section about Greenville’s mill rate gave the wrong month for the annual town meeting. The town meeting is held in June. Read More
    A story about Penobscot Indian Nation tribal elections published on Page B5 in the Final Edition of Thursday’s paper should have listed Ann I. Pardilla as one of the members elected to the census committee. Read More
    A story on Page A1 about publicly owned vehicles in Maine that ran Sept. 13-14 contained incorrect information caused by an editing error. The $29.8 million statewide fleet budget figure for 2008 does not include the cost of personnel or heavy equipment, but does include the cost of… Read More
    Members of the Maine Army National Guard pictured in Friday’s paper taking part in ceremonies memorializing their fallen comrades at the State House in Augusta on Thursday were misidentified in captions accompanying their photographs. Pictured on Page A1 is Staff Sgt. Christopher McBean. Pictured on Page A10 is… Read More
    A story about a bull that was shot in Orrington that ran Sept. 9 on Page B1 incorrectly stated that two law enforcement officers had restraining orders against them. A complaint has been filed with the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Department against Sgt. Jon Carson, Orrington’s community policing supervisor,… Read More
    A story about the Common Ground Country Fair in Unity on Page B5 of Monday’s paper incorrectly reported the day of the week the fair will open. It begins on Friday, Sept. 19, and ends Sunday, Sept. 21. Read More
    The following information was mistakenly omitted from Saturday’s Page A1 story on dementia patients wandering from their caregivers. The Maine Alzheimer’s Association will hold its annual fall conference this year 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 10, at the Spectacular Event Center in Bangor. The conference is open to… Read More
    A story about a forum on alternative energy on Page B2 of Tuesday’s paper incorrectly reported the day of the event. The event was held Monday. A story published on Page A1 of Wednesday’s paper about the U.S. Postal Service processing plant in Hampden needs… Read More
    A story on Page A1 of the Aug. 23-24 paper about the medical practice of Dr. Charles Burger incorrectly stated that Dr. Lawrence Weed practiced at the PROMIS clinic in Hampden. In the late 1950s, Weed came from Yale University to what was then Eastern Maine General Hospital… Read More
    In Tuesday’s editions the name of an angler who was recognized for traveling the longest distance to the Fort Kent International Muskie Derby was misspelled. The angler’s name is Emlyn Jacoby. Read More
    A photo caption on Page B1 in Wednesday’s paper incorrectly implied that the blueberry rakers pictured were working for the University of Maine’s Blueberry Hill Farm. The director of the farm said the men are not employed by the university nor were they paid by UM. Read More
    In an Aug. 18 story about a series of studies suggesting video games can be powerful learning tools, The Associated Press erroneously reported the affiliation of Dr. James Rosser. He is the chief of minimally invasive surgery at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York. Read More
    A story on Page B1 of Monday’s paper gave incorrect dates for next year’s Wild Blueberry Festival in Machias. The next Wild Blueberry Festival in Machias will be held Aug. 14-16, 2009. A story in Monday’s paper about a combined blood and voter registration drive… Read More
    A story on Page 1 of Friday’s paper incorrectly identified a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer as the man who was found dead in his car on Thursday after crossing a U.S.-Canada border checkpoint. The deceased, a man from Texas, was not identified by Canadian police. Read More
    In Tuesday’s Lifestyle article about the proposed community mural in Fort Kent, Fernando Vallejo was identified as the person who would be painting the artwork. Artist Vallejo is also the designer of the piece, based on his research and input from community members. Read More
    A story in Tuesday’s paper about urologist Lars Ellison’s research into prostate cancer among Vietnam War veterans incorrectly identified him as a Rockland physician. Ellison is a staff urologist at Penobscot Bay Medical Center in Rockport. Clarification: The first sentence in a Section B story… Read More
    The Aug. 9-10 letter “Develop our oil” by Charles Quartuccio should have referred to royalties, not taxes, collected by the government from oil companies to fund LIHEAP. Read More
    An item in Wednesday’s Tidbits column in the Lifestyle section contained two inaccuracies. The Web site for Mike Mitchell’s wine making business is, and he was not the organizer of the 2008 Northern Maine Fair wine and beer-making competition. The organizer was Bill Arrington. Read More
    An article in some editions on July 30 about the International Festival in Calais incorrectly reported that race car driver Andy Santerre would be at Hardwicke’s Country Store to sign autographs. The information provided to the BDN was incorrect. The driver scheduled to appear at Hardwicke’s will be… Read More
    In a story on Page A5 of Wednesday’s paper about unpaid bills involving customers of Central Maine Power, The Associated Press erroneously reported the cumulative balance owed in 2004. The correct amount was $16.6 million, not $8.4 million. A story in some editions of Thursday’s… Read More
    The name of an author conducting a book signing was incorrectly stated in the July 31 edition of The Weekly and in Thursday’s Mark Your Calendar section of the Bangor Daily News. The correct name is Heather Austin, formerly of Orrington, who will sign copies of her book… Read More
    Thursday’s editorial “Loony Wildlife Funding” needs clarification. Lawmakers in 2003 agreed to cover 18 percent of the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife budget from the state’s General Fund. Read More
    A story that ran on Page B1 of the State section in Tuesday’s paper misspelled the last name of a Houlton couple arrested by Orono police on drug charges. Oliver Cromwell and his wife Carol Cromwell, both 33, were charged with possession of heroin. Due… Read More
    A story in Saturday’s paper about an internal affairs investigation by the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Department of an incident in Knox County concerning the use of a stun gun needs clarification. The story should have said that the investigation report is not public record, and that state law… Read More
    A story on Page B2 of Wednesday’s paper about Penobscot County’s decision to convert to natural gas contained an error. The switch from heating oil to gas is expected to save the county an estimated $160,000 a year. A caption for a photo from the… Read More
    A caption on Page B1 of Wednesday’s paper accompanying a photograph of a candlelight vigil for homicide victim Jessica Nichols held in Rockland omitted the last name of one of the participants pictured. She is Allaura Elliott of Warren. Read More
    A story about a meeting of the Brewer City Council on Page B3 of the July 16 paper contained an error. Employees who participate in the newly created home energy efficiency loan program offered by the city will pay no interest. In a story on… Read More
    A story on Page B3 on Friday, July 18, about towns’ reactions to Somerset County tax bills indicated that the Unorganized Territory does not have surplus funds. According to UT Administrator Doreen Shieve, the UT does have a surplus but only the Legislature has the authority to release… Read More
    A probation officer’s last name was misspelled in a story published Thursday on Page B1 about the conviction of Mark Meech. His name is Don Stauffer. A story on Page A1 of Wednesday’s paper about a little girl being attacked by two dogs in Pembroke… Read More
    A story on Page B5 in the State section of Wednesday’s paper about a cat that was injured by a bottle rocket gave an incorrect spelling for a name. The Zoe Fund was set up by Morgan and Patricia Lindau. Read More
    A production error resulted in the incomplete printing of some of the stories that appeared in the Lifestyle section in the Coastal edition of Tuesday’s paper. The complete stories are available online at A story on Page A1 of Tuesday’s paper about Navy warships… Read More
    A story published Friday on a Local-Regional page regarding a Dover-Foxcroft man’s campaign for justice needs clarification. Dr. David Blumin does not work for, nor does he represent, the American Board of Surgery; rather, he is a surgeon who is board-certified by the organization. Read More
    An article on Page B3 in some editions of the July 4 paper incorrectly identified an 18-year-old man who was arrested in connection with a break-in at a Sangerville residence. The person arrested was Ryan Graffam. Read More
    A story on safety during the July Fourth holiday on Page B1 of Wednesday’s paper attributed information to Kelly Whalen of Calypso Communications LLC of Portsmouth, N.H. She is no longer with that firm. She issued the press release as a public relations counsel on behalf of U.S. Read More
    An article and graphic on Page 1 of the June 21-22 paper stated that piping for closed-loop geothermal energy systems could be installed in ponds or lakes. While such systems are available in other states, Maine statute prohibits pond-lake geothermal systems. Read More
    A news story published on Page B2 in Wednesday’s State section should have identified the father of Dante Parks, a 6-year-old Bangor boy honored for bravery Monday, as Darrell Parks Jr. Read More
    A story in the Monday, June 23, Lifestyle section incorrectly stated the location of the pet cemetery depicted by author Stephen King. It is in Orrington. Read More
    Clarification: A story in some editions on May 28 said that Joseph H. Greenier of Stockton Springs, who was a candidate in the recent Democratic primary for the District 23 seat in the Maine Senate, had refused to debate his opponent in the contest, Diane H. Messer of… Read More
    Saturday’s editorial “Plum Creek Compromise” incorrectly said the Land Use Regulation Commission approved the Black Nubble wind project. LURC denied it in March. Read More
    In Monday’s Lifestyle pages, some information in the Uni-Verse poetry column was incorrect. Carolyn Locke traveled in China on a study tour with Primary Source. She has traveled in Morocco and Japan on Fulbright grants. Read More
    A story on Page B8 of Monday’s paper about Health Access Network’s plans to build a new office facility in Lincoln requires clarification. The six existing sites to be consolidated are all located in Lincoln. Satellite sites in Enfield, Medway and Millinocket will be maintained. Health Access Network… Read More
    A story in some editions of Friday’s paper about road construction projects in Ellsworth contained some incorrect information. The two crossings in the Ellsworth high school area are railroad crossings, not pedestrian crossings. Read More
    A story on Page C1 of the May 31 newspaper about wood heat sources contained an error. The correct name for the nonprofit organization dealing with pellets is The Pellet Fuels Institute. Read More
    A story in Tuesday’s paper about the arrest of Sandra Cole of Waldoboro on charges of stealing $250,000 from a Rhode Island business contained incorrect information about when the money was discovered missing. The money was discovered missing after the business owner removed his records from Sandra Cole’s… Read More
    An article on firewood supplies published on Page C1 on Saturday, May 31, identified a resource incorrectly. The correct Web site is Due to a reporting error, a May 22 story that ran on Page B1 contained inaccurate information about health savings accounts. In… Read More
    A photo caption on Page B2 in Monday’s paper incorrectly identified a girl helping to plant a memorial tree. She is Adrienne Tucker, according to her father, Randy Tucker. Read More
    The letter “Downtown challenge” by Tom Cavanaugh on Monday’s Editorials page should have noted that he owns and operates Best Bib & Tucker clothiers in Bangor. Read More
    A story on Page One of the May 17-18 paper about the Smart car contained incorrect information. All 2008 model Smart fortwos sold through the 69 certified Smart USA dealerships in the United States meet U.S. crash and emission standards. The Smart fortwo is also certified as an… Read More
    A story on Page B5 of Monday’s paper about a Massachusetts man who died during a rafting trip on the Penobscot River should have said that fellow rafters and guides on the trip performed CPR on the victim. State wardens performed other duties to assist him. Read More
    A story about beautification efforts in downtown Millinocket published on Page B3 in Wednesday’s Final edition contained an error. Jennifer Olsen is business coordinator for the Katahdin Area Chamber of Commerce and co-organizer of the beautification project. Read More
    A story in some editions of Monday’s paper about dredging Lermond Cove in Rockland gave an incorrect date for the start of the dredging project. The dredging is expected to start on Nov. 17. A Page One story in Monday’s paper about the Troop Greeters’… Read More
    A story on Page One of Thursday’s paper regarding the termination of leases on land owned by Roxanne Quimby contained the wrong dateline. The correct dateline is Township 5, Range 8. Read More
    A story that ran on May 1 in the State section about the installation of the Rev. Grace Bartlett as settled minister of First Congregational Church of Brewer United Church of Christ requires clarification. The UCC’s “God is still speaking” slogan “means that God’s guidance to us did… Read More
    A Page One story on May 12 about commencement exercises at the University of Maine inaccurately stated that graduate Stella Ekholm of Orono had been employed as a medical assistant at a local hospital while completing her studies. Ekholm, who earned her degree in studio art, worked instead… Read More
    An announcement in some editions of Tuesday’s paper gave the incorrect day for a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Friendship Cottage in Blue Hill. The ribbon-cutting will be held at 4 p.m. Tuesday, May 27. A story that ran on Page B1 of Tuesday’s paper about Bangor… Read More
    A story in Friday’s Lifestyle section about harpist Liza Rey Butler of Southwest Harbor contained an error. Butler’s performance will be held at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, May 17, at Shangri-La in Ellsworth, not Friday as reported. A story that ran on Page B5 of Wednesday’s… Read More
    In a story on Page B2 of Wednesday’s paper several tenants displaced by a house fire in Dexter and local officials told the BDN that the apartment house had recently been rewired. The building’s owner, Michael Carter of Dexter, said Wednesday that was not the case. He stated… Read More
    A story on Page B1 of Tuesday’s paper about the death of Clara Cohen, mother of former U.S. Sen. William Cohen, contained two errors. Robert J. Cohen, son of Clara Cohen, died in 2003. The surviving daughter of Clara Cohen is Marlene Beckwith. Read More